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Marieke Peeters (1997) lives and works in Arnhem, NL. She creates performative installations and sculptures that combine intensive material research with a performative perspective. In her practice she wonders how objects relate to one another while they always remain partly hidden from one another. In this eerie perspective the darker implications of things hidden also possess a soothing calm.

2016–2020  BA Fine Arts, Base for Art Experiment and Research (BEAR), ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL

2021             Publieke Werken, buitenexpositie, Rotterdam, NL (upcoming)
2021             Urschleim, Maaskoe Galerie, Rotterdam, NL (upcoming)
2021             Open Studios, DOOResidency, Zaandam, NL
2021             ALL INN, Het HEM, Zaandam, NL 
2020/2021   Un//Familiar, Jedan Osam Jedan, Rotterdam, NL
2020             Something Where There Should Be Nothing, Studio Omstand, Arnhem, NL
2020             Wouldn’t It Be A Lovely Headline, Stichting Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, NL
2020             ARC Open Studios, Cittadelarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT
2019             De Stiekeme Kunstnacht, Fort Beneden Lent, Nijmegen, NL
2019             No Walls, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
2019             As Big As A Door (curated by Zhana Ivanova, Edwin Zwakman and students), ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
2019             The Rashomon Effect (curated by Rosell Heijmen and Lado Darakhvelidze), ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
2018             Scripting Space (curated by Martijn Tellinga), ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
2017             You’re Welcome! (curated by Alicia Framis and Korrie Besems), ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL

2021             DOOResidency, DOOR Creative Studio, Zaandam, NL (upcoming)          
2020             Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT

2021           The Alpine Fellowship Visual Arts Prize, Nominee

Publications & Podcasts
2021              ‘Girly’, confronterend en fel, Metropolis M (link)
2021              Eindexamen expositie Het HEM, Lost-painters (link)
2020              Rizoom, podcast 30 november 2020 (link)
2020              Eindexamenwerk 2020, BK-informatie, nr 4
2020              Something Where There Should Be Nothing, exhibition catalogue
2020              Kunstradar, podcast 9 october 2020
2020              ARC Artistic Research @ Cittadellarte, Cittadellarte Journal. (link)
2020              ARC Residency & Bootcamp ArtEZ & Accaddamia Unidee, Cittadellarte Journal. (link)

Other related experience
2019              Youth Jury member, Camera Japan Film Festival, Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam, NL
2019              Performer for Melanie Maria ‘Never learned to share’, galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, NL
2019              Performer for Alicia Framis ‘Is My Body Public?’, Oude Kerk, Arnhem, NL
2018/2019    Gallery assistant, Internship, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, NL
2018              Performer for Dora Garçia, ‘Twenty-three million stories’, Ellen de  Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, NL