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   Mother and Sister
   2022, film, 9 minutes

   2022, film, 4 minutes

Amorphous shapeshifters conspire to one another in a bath oozing with liquid so heavy and thick it drags all movement into its prowess. The matter shapes and moves those immersed in it, allowing them to disappear and find their conditions for being within it. The intimacy between the beings soaking in the bath reveals itself in the affection that shapes them, ushers them ever closer to each other. The camera a sinister participant in the cannibalistic intimacy unfolding in its wake.

Through wellness culture and contemporary healing practices the affect of neoliberal capitalism on the body is explored. It’s contemporary anxieties, malfunction, extortion for profit and mutilation.

The mud bath is alienated until it becomes an obscure space where matter begets matter. Using genre horror aesthetics (body horror and kaiki cinema), Mother and Sister searches for alternate ways of being and relating in an unliveable social reality.

I made this film together with my mother and sister while my father was helping in the background and my grandfather was observing the performance.